Upper Chitral residents desperately demanding repair of crucial bridge

CHITRAL: Residents of upper Chitral particularly of Torkhow area are desperately protesting to make the government repair the bridge at Istaru which has collapsed and caused great hardship of travel for people of the area. Different protests held at Shagram Torkhow, the press club at Peshawar and the press club at Chitral have so far failed to move the government towards taking practical steps to repair the bridge.

In earlier days a protest meeting , particularly a sit in, a hunger strike or even a press conference demanding something collectively from the government would have an immediate effect, but over the years governments machineries have become used to such activities and thus immune to any kind of protests unless it is a protest of blocking a main road or creating adequate nuisance to shake the government as keeps on happening at Faizabad Chowk, Rawalpindi. .. CN report, 08 Dec 2020

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