Upcoming ‘K2 Airways’ to fly Karachi-Chitral direct route

There is news of a new airline being established every few days in Pakistan which is a positive sign of economic growth. The latest in the list being the ‘K2 Airways’ which seems pretty serious about providing service to Chitral, Gilgit and Skardu besides other socio economic routes in the south. The CEO of the new airline Tariq Raja while talking to CN in Islamabad said he was excited about initiating the service to northern areas. He said the fare would be reasonably lower than that of PIA and the service would be clean and reliable. He said initially the airways plans to start a thrice weekly direct service between Karachi and Chitral which shall increase the flow of tourists to the area besides serving the large number of Chitralis living in Karachi. The flights could be increased and re located as per demand, he said. The CEO further added that K2 Airways has obtained the necessary licence and other prerequisites and most of the staff has been hired. He said, he expected that the services of K2 Airways would commence in the next few months. .. CN report, 21 Nov 2018

3 thoughts on “Upcoming ‘K2 Airways’ to fly Karachi-Chitral direct route

  1. Good news. PIA has an unfair monopoly here. Islamabad-Chitral airfare is one of the highest in the world where fare versus aerial distance ratio is considered. Hope the new air service will have reasonable fares.

  2. Very good news. PIA is not to be blamed. Good or bad, it has served us for a long time starting from late fifties to date, thank you PIA, it is time to take rest.

  3. Q – A query comes to mind here.. whether this K2 services will stop over at Islamabad or Peshawar en route to Chitral and back?
    Ans – According to the CEO they are contemplating direct flights between Karachi and Chitral but there is option for relocating the flight to Islamabad depending on the passenger demand –Editor

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