Unproportionate salaries highlight gross injustice in Pakistan

Chitral: It is an irony that in a country like Pakistan where the average labourer earns a meager Rs 15000 (140 USD) per month, there are executives in the private sector being paid upto Rs 10 million (80000 USD) per month. Some bank chief executives are amongst the highest paid individuals followed by multinational companies. Even TV anchors whose job is to gossip for an hour a day on Television, are paid as much as Rs 6 million per month, according to published reports.

Though there cannot possibly be absolute parity between salaries of different persons of different standings, but the gap must be earthly. How can comparison of Rs 15000 per month to Rs 1000000 per month be justified, no matter how much talented the later be, when the two persons live in the same society, travel the same roads, eat the same (contaminated) food, bear the same social /political system, and watch the same TV programs etc. The irony is that the man earning Rs 15000 is also made to pay heavy indirect taxes on almost everything he uses, while the person earning Rs 1000000 is meagerly taxed directly. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing at an alarming rate and that makes the country a hotbed for extremism, terrorism and chaosism .. CN report, 27 Feb 2017

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