Unprecedented freak heavy snowfall paralises Chitral

CHITRAL: Unprecedented heavy snowfall in the middle of April has taken both the districts of Chitral by a nasty surprise. Old timers of the area say they don’t remember such heavy snowfall at this time of the year when usually spring is in bloom and there are flowers and greenery all around. Even the town center of Chitral which has a lot of concrete buildings and gets pretty hot in summers has witnessed substantial snowfall to mark it a freak happening.

At least two persons are reported dead so far along with dozens of houses been brought down due to the constant heavy rain and snow. Roads all over the two districts are blocked at various places due to landslides. Although efforts are being made to remove the debris of landslides but soon a new landslide blocks the road and the random blockage of roads keeps occurring till writing this report.

The already hard pressed and poverty stricken people of Chitral after having been stricken by the latest catastrophe have appealed to the government to declare a state of emergency in both Chitral districts and speed up the relief work. .. CN report, 15 Apr, 2024 

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