United States, main cause of today’s world sorrows

Dear Sir,
The stories of miseries and sorrows we see spread around the world today have the finger prints of the United States writ large over them. Whether Iraq, Syria Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan, any where there has been ruthless destruction, America was there to ‘liberate’ that country of a dictator or see the ‘victory’ of religious forces.

What kind of country is this US? Why can’t it mind it’s own business? The soviet union was a good sentry to check the despotic designs of the US, but shrewd propaganda and religion manipulated tactics of the CIA caused it to capitulate eventually.  Ever since, increasing stories of American hegemonic aggression are being witnessed by the world day and night.

Over the years the US has become so bold that with dictates like “Either you are with us or you are against us” it has brought feeble countries like Pakistan on their knees within no time.

The Americans with their intelligence arm the CIA are experts in using religious sentiments to create unrest in the world and know well to exploit religious weaknesses of societies.

Is there a way that we can get to stop America causing misery to the world?  Is there a way to prevent all these unnecessary sponsored killings and devastation?

May be China and Russia can get together to cut the US down to size,  make it stay in it’s own shoes and spare the world ruthless destruction, from now on, at least. — Ehteram ul Haq, Chitral, 21 Aug 2016.

2 thoughts on “United States, main cause of today’s world sorrows

  1. bhai jan, why should you blame US only for everything. If there were no collaborators and facilitators from within that country, US could not have intervened in any country – “When the Axe entered the forest, the trees said ‘Look, the handle is one of us'”.

    The people, wherever they live, are their own enemies. They do what they should not do. They do not do, what they should do. So many thinkers, philosophers have come and gone, rubbing their hands in despair at seeing the people suffer the consequences of their own making.
    Every people friendly thinker, philosopher advised people to go back to the basics of democracy i.e. the age old system of coming together regularly where they live, to become active participants in shaping their own destiny through their own co-operative, constructive and peaceful actions.
    For as long as people ignore to come together to play their part by becoming responsible citizens, they will be leaving open the way for their destiny to be decided by whichever Mafia or slave takers is able to do so.

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