Unhealthy food habits of womenfolk in KPK

.. by Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

The title of this short article should not alarm the reader especially the ladies. The contents of it are not research based for long time but just day to day observations that we see daily in our homes, villages, communities and all over the province. The likes and dislikes of everyone of us are individual matters. All over the KPK which is dominantly Pathan society in the grip of Pathan values and taboos. The rest who are not Pathans have also got their values but meat is an item which is highly valued by all. All other food items count next to it but in old Chitral milk was on top and meat was second in priority. Milk was so valued that the old Kho people of Chitral hesitated to eat milk or any other dairy product in their dinners because after supper they had to go to bed and slept and had no chance to thank God Almighty abundantly as milk deserved but preferred to eat dairy products in breakfast or at lunch and thank Allah for that treat till next meal. Some also did not eat any other food just after eating  or drinking milk. That was the idea of the old Kho people of Chitral. Now all those values have been crushed. It does not mean that male food habits are ideal but a bit different.

Now back to female food priorities. They like rich food such as fatty mutton which is full of cholesterol. Over use of Dalda in curry, rice and other items. Over use of sugar which has been called white poison. The sweeter the tea the better it is. Over use of citric fruits which is perhaps a biological demand of female physical system but over use of sour fruits  or unripe fruits cause damage to digestive system and a very large number of women suffer from this ailment. The women of older generation did manual work but at present this is the most detested thing to do so over use of fatty items, sugar, sour fruits, over  or daily use of No 2 drugs is the cause . Over and above they neglect precautions, violate precautionary measures secretly. What they are told to eat they neglect it what is prohibited is taken secretly. Their impatience in the intake of food is a big side of the issue. The daily intake of rice, Dalda oil, sugar, Bakery products, sour food items, sluggishness, sweetmeat, poorly cooked food, repeatedly refrigerated foods etc. and thus develop obesity which usually brings a number of other symptoms such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol etc.

Another important thing is to be noted that now- a- days family members do not eat together. They eat separately. It is against old Kho etiquettes. All the family members should eat in one session and the females will get no corner time to eat banned items. In this way the kids will also be trained and learn the etiquettes. They can also be controlled and managed. They need our collective attention. It is our responsibility to transfer good values to the kids and the unruly youngsters will also be bridled. .. by Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig, 04 Aug 2021

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