Unemployment surges to exponential magnitude

CHITRAL: The magnitude of unemployment in Pakistan can only be measured when there are some employment opportunities offered to the youth. The picture below is of the candidates gathered at the Chitral Scouts ground to appear for selection tests in the para millitary service. The desire to defend the country in uniform may be a motivating force for many of these youngsters, but the perks and privileges of service personnel even in the lower cadres is one great driving reason for attracting the youth towards this service. .. CN report, 14 Feb 2020 (photo by Ashraf Hussain)

Chitral Scouts recruitment candidates

3 thoughts on “Unemployment surges to exponential magnitude

  1. Dear Sir, the apathy is that the whole of Chitral is crazy about govt jobs. Better find other opportunities in the private sector!

    1. So true Chitral’s people are indeed very fond of government jobs, just because they don’t have to do much work as nobody would be checking on them.

  2. Imagine if all this youth was gainfully employed to increase the productivity and thereby the GDP of the country what a difference it could make. China did it with it’s excessive population.

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