UAE set to attract tourists after easing restrictions

CHITRAL: The United Arab Emirates though basically a typical  Arab country, has over time showed pragmatism and flexibility while adapting to the changing world. With the bleak future of oil due to alternative sources of energy springing up everywhere, some Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia have aggressively started looking towards the tourism industry which is far more powerful compared to any other industry in the world (except maybe war mongering and weapons manufacturing industry). The easing of rules towards personal freedom like use of Alcohol etc would put UAE in competition with other tourism exploiting muslim countries where alcohol usage is allowed. Likely affected would be Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, and also Thailand etc which will lose tourist traffic to the UAE. .. CN report, 12 Nov 2020

One thought on “UAE set to attract tourists after easing restrictions

  1. The Arab countries typically considered conservative ,are taking a paradigm shift keeping in view their economic interests and are even softening their religious laws to be at par with the rest of the world to take due benefit from rapidly growing tourism industry. At the same time we only talk of tourism and practically do not create condusive eniroment to promote international tourism despite having more touristic attractions than UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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