Two separate suicide incidents same day in upper Chitral

Chitral: Two persons committed suicide in separate incidents in upper Chitral on the same day. In the first case a 14 year girl in Booni had first absconded from her home and took refuge in her lady teachers house allegedly against mistreatment by her stepmother. After she was forcibly returned to her home, she committed suicide by jumping into the river.

In the second case a 19 year old boy shot himself to death. His video message from his phone read that he was committing suicide due to not being able to continue his studies beyond FA due to poverty.

It may be noted that this is the eighteenth suicide case in upper Chitral in last six months. .. BH Azad, 22 Mar 2018

One thought on “Two separate suicide incidents same day in upper Chitral

  1. Need to be investigated on urgent basis to find out reasons and check the increasing suicide trend in Chitral.

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