Two Chinese companies to execute 35MW Chitral Moree Hydropower Project

Sinohydro Corporation, China and Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group Company Limited, China will jointly work on the execution of 35 megawatts Toren More Hydropower Project

The decision came about in a meeting between Pakhtunkhwa Hydel Development Organization (PHYDO), Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group Co. Ltd. China, and Sinohydro Corporation China, according to a press release.

Notably, the Chinese corporations had already presented their proposals to the PHYDO KP. Soon, a letter of intent (LOI) will be issued to them.

In the meeting, the issues relating to the finalization of the LOI were also discussed. PHYDO KP decided to convene a Board meeting in which the approval of LOI and other likewise development schemes will take place.

It is pertinent to mention here that the site under question is located on river Chitral and the provincial government has already signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with the Chinese hydro companies.

Sichuan Energy Industry Investment Group Co. Ltd.

SCEI is a state-owned company established in 2011. The company is involved with the promotion of construction of energy infrastructures and facilitating the creation of major energy projects in the entire country. It provides energy project investment, investment management, and likewise services.

Sinohydro Corporation

Sinohydro Corporation is engaged in construction and installation activities in China. Its operations include RCC arch dam construction, concrete?gravity dam, concrete?double curvature works, large metal structure fabrication and installation, installation of?large water?turbine generation units and switchyards, and so on.

It also develops non-hydroelectric fields like coal/oil-fired power projects, motorways, long-span bridges, airports, and buildings etc. .. Source

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