Tunnel opening timings not publicised, remains guess work for travelers

Chitral: The Lowari tunnel management nuisance does not stop anywhere. Despite the MNA meeting the Chairman NHA and even more, the Chief Justice taking ‘Suo Moto notice’ of the plight of people due to closure of the tunnel, nothing has changed. In fact some travelers told CN that the tunnel closure time has increased since the Chief Justice took ‘Suo Motu Notice’ of the situation. Travelers lament the ineffectiveness of the CJ’s Suo motu notice and ask whom should they approach now?.

Travelers have demanded that if nothing can be done to prevent the undue and sadistic closure of the tunnel for two hours after every three hours of opening, the official schedule (if any) of the opening/closing of the tunnel should at least be publicised so that travelers are spared of guessing and are not met with disappointment on reaching the tunnel. Even drivers of public transport who ply on this route on daily basis are not sure of the tunnel timings and say one has to be lucky to find the tunnel open. The tunnel timings are not publicised as if it is a state secret.

The Deputy Commissioner Chitral’s web page could be an appropriate place to display the current tunnel opening/closing schedule of the Lowari tunnel. .. CN report, 07 Oct 2018

2 thoughts on “Tunnel opening timings not publicised, remains guess work for travelers

  1. There is absolutely no requirement for tunnels closure. If there is, the relevant authority should come forward and explain it to the public. Since there isnt any, they should open the tunnel for atleast 20 hours per day. Anything less wouod be considered a foul play.

  2. The Deputy Commissioners Website should also display the weekly progress of the work on the tunnel. Also the NHA should explain why the two way tunnel is being used as one way. This explanation should also be published on the DC’s website because there is no other source from where to know what is going on with the NHA.

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