Tunnel denied to public, available to well connected people

Chitral –?Dirty game at the Lowari tunnel has begun again. Hundreds of vehicles with passengers ?got stranded at the mouth of the tunnel when the pass closed due to snowfall two days back.?instead of allowing these vehicles to pass through, the travelers were shooed?away by the police who even resorted to aerial firing for the purpose. On the other hand people who are well connected with authorities at the tunnel are allowed to pass through it at any time.

The fact that an almost ready tunnel is being denied to the people at the time of their most urgent need is a slap on the face of our Public representatives whether they be the MNA, MPAs, District Nazim, Tehsil ?Nazims or heads of political parties. The provincial government is also indifferent and listless on this issue which reflects very poorly on them.

The many all parties meetings and resolutions including threat to launch protest in case the tunnel is not made available have gone into the rubbish box?as usual. This all speaks of the self respect and acumen of the Chitrali leaders and the people both. God help us improve ourselves. — CN report, 04 Jan 2017

3 thoughts on “Tunnel denied to public, available to well connected people

  1. The news of denial by the local authorities for passing through the Lowari Tunnel for the general public transport particularly in this hard season of snowfall is very bad. On the other hand, the reports of evil practice of granting permission to selected vehicles of people of own choice is another shameful act on the part of local authorities. I have happened a personal experience of similar nature two years back. Therefore, I can feel the painful situation of torture faced even by women and children when the traffic is blocked at the entrance of tunnel. The aerial firing of police to stop the mob reflects the tensing situation on the spot. The KPK government is least pushed. However, the Div Commander Swat and the Chitral Scouts should take initiative to resolve the problem of passengers.

  2. It is reported that the stranded passengers were allowed to pass through the tunnel after making them wait for 21 hours outside. Imagine the condition of the old, the sick, women and children. Shame on our public representatives.

  3. People know about schedule of tunnel, then why these people are going and faces such behavior. Although opening of tunnel once in a week is not just and does not meet needs of the people. And people should also follow the schedule to avoid such type of rough treatment by tunnel staff.

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