Trust deficit in society evolves new practices

CHITRAL: The lack of trust visible in the society, whether it be with respect to the government, the institutions, or people around at large, looms so high that new practices are being evolved to counter this phenomenon.

After the discovery of fake medicines being sold by the two most prominent and trusted pharmacies in the capital city, namely Shaheen and DWatson pharmacies, people started to look towards herbal medicines. Even in the herbal medicine field when this scribe asked for powdered form of certain herbs, the herbalist said he did not keep powdered herbs because people do not believe us no matter however much we swear that the powder is pure. He offered to grind the raw herbs in front of me, instead.

Talking of distrust, the fear of getting adulterated and fake milk has led to a new practice. Some entrepreneurs were seen in the Capital city of Islamabad who bring their buffaloes to a certain point of sale where customers can see them being milked in front of them. There are lines of customers in front of such ‘pure milk’ sellers. Purity has become the most scarce and most prized ‘commodity’ in our lives. As religious teachings and sermons hardly touch upon the need of honesty in our characters, the people are devising their own methods to counter cheating and dishonesty. .. CN report, 23 Feb 2020

One thought on “Trust deficit in society evolves new practices

  1. We are touching the lowest ebb in the comity of nations because of our Wrong deeds. The only remedy lies in the strict implementation of punishment for wrong doers. The irony is that the culprits get away with it repeatedly, hence the pepetration of crimes continue unabated.

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