A Trump triumph; the fallacy of democracy demonstrated yet again

Chitral — The surprising triumph of Donald Trump in the American presidential elections has?brought forth the increasing fallacy of democracy as it is getting aged and erratic. The world’s?most acknowledged democracy has tripped for now at least.

The popular vote was in favour of Democrat Hillary Clinton. Even the last minute pre-poll surveys put?her in clear?lead, but what went wrong when a?person whom no body would even take seriously as a personality came and grabbed the?Presidentship of America with unpretentious ease. Every body is awe struck and thinking what has happened.

Even now if there was a method of taking peoples opinion from their homes without the election rhetoric, Clinton would get the majority choice, but unfortunately elections do not necessarily mean the determination of ?the choice of the people. There are so many mechanics and pushing pulling, dramatizing, exploiting last minute situations, propaganda, involvement of mafia fundings, role of intelligent agencies and manipulations and cheating of sorts that elections and democracy now need to be revisited as the best system of government available.

If there was the system of Meritocracy?in place instead of democracy, America would definitely have had the most capable person to lead it instead of Trump or Hillary or Obama or Bush.?The world needs to make the change. Meritocracy is the answer to?this?idiosyncrasy called democracy, the example of which we have just witnessed.— CN Editorial, 09 Nov 2016

2 thoughts on “A Trump triumph; the fallacy of democracy demonstrated yet again

  1. The election results unexpectedly favoured Donald Trump against predictions of many poll survey reports and media pundits in Pakistan, made credibility of poll surveys doubtful. However, we see the American people find controversial Republican presidential candidate most suitable for highest political office in the country. Does it prove the failure of democracy or the American people, is yet to be decided by the delivery of liberal democracy in US for the cause of peace, terrorism, poverty and depredation in the name of peace.
    Meritocracy is the key for quality service delivery in every field, but there’s no educational qualification of the president of America after all.

  2. Those who have been supporting the meritocracy system in place of current system of democracy in Pakistan, will be satisfied with the surprising results of US presidential election. However, in my personal opinion, the decision of the US nation is a challenge to the unity of United States and is considered as a milestone towards division into multi-states. It will develop the racism of white and black.

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