Tribal politics vs religious politics vs party politics

CHITRAL: There is much ado about a meeting of the Ayubia clan held in Chitral recently over the land settlement issue. Mustering of tribesmen and relatives in time of need is an old practice in Chitral as anywhere else. In Chitral using tribal affiliation for political purposes effectively started in the early 1980s and Shahzada Mohiuddin, an astute politician, who was the pioneer and binding force behind the move benefitted greatly from it in his political carrier.

The use of tribal support for political motives is as good as using the religious card to garner votes or using a political party to gain votes. All these modus operandi to work in politics have been based on the intrinsic weakness of human beings to associate themselves with some stronger entity to get a feeling of security. These persons (voters) are wearing blinkers where they see only their affiliated party, religious bias or tribal binding, totally ignoring merit in the process.  A person interested in politics looks for where he can cash in best, whether on party basis, on religious basis or tribal bias basis.

If the system of Meritocracy is introduced for forming governments, all the above mentioned factors will take rest on the back seat and the best suited people will govern the country. No Religious bindings, no tribal affiliations, and no political party obligations will be of any use. Only merit will be the criteria.. CN report, 06 Oct 2020

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  1. A few years ago, NYU business professor Jonathan Haidt began seeing a sort of hardwired clannishness in college students. “A funny thing happens when you take young human beings … and you fill those minds full of binary dimensions,” he said. “You turn on their ancient tribal circuits, preparing them for battle.” Yale law professor Amy Chua has gone even further, seeing tribalism as not just a generational affliction, but the cause of all our current political problems, from Donald Trump to Brexit.

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