Travelers condemn being tortured at Lowari tunnel

Chitral .. The general public who travels through the lowari tunnel has strongly condemned not being allowed to travel through the tunnel at night or during the NHA lunch break, just to please the hotel owners located before the tunnel. Public spokesmen have said that after nine months since the tunnel has been inaugurated the security personnel at the tunnel are stopping travelers from using the tunnel at night but allowing selected vehicles carrying vegetables and chicken etc to pass through any time.

No where in the world are vehicles held at the mouth of? a tunnel for no reason except displaying nuisance value and torturing the travelers. It is a shame that public representatives and govt officials are satisfied with this state of affairs. It is like behaving as the proverbial ‘Stalin’s chicken’ by saying at least the tunnel is open for some hours compared to it not being there at all.

People have appealed to the elected representatives, the deputy commissioner and the commandant Chitral Scouts to intervene and ensure that the tunnel is open round the clock unhindered, for smooth flow of traffic. Enough is enough, they say.?.. Muhkam Uddin, 29 Mar 2018.

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