Transparency in government affairs: The easiest change we can bring about

Chitral: The whole nation is fed up with primitive, inefficient and corrupt methods of conducting day to day affairs of? the government. Most of the traditions from the imperialistic legacy of the British are in vogue. Any change seen from there have been for the worse – i.e facilitation of corruption and inefficiency in governance.

Though it may seem easier said than done,? corruption can be controlled if not totally eliminated by bringing absolute transparency in governmental affairs. The AAP government of Delhi has decided to live stream all government official meetings so that the public can see what is going on.? Read details here?. In Pakistan, if legislation is made and it becomes mandatory to post all government meeting agendas and decisions (except the extremely security sensitive ones) there will be gross reduction in mismanagement and corruption as people can see the decisions made for them on a live web page and in daily printed newspapers.

The public can appreciate/criticize/suggest and give their input about it decisions being taken on their behalf.? In the present state no body knows what happened in such and such meeting and what decisions were made. People come to know only after the damage is done. All bureaucratic cum elected member’s decisions should be put to scrutiny before the public. The age of social media and technology should be used to maximum to gather best suggestions from intelligent people . Rubbish can be trashed of course.

We must adopt new methods to solve our old problems. “Repeating the same things again and again and expecting different results is being foolish”, to say the least. .. CN report, 08 Mar 2018

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