Tourism promotion in Chitral? PIA flight reduced to once a week

CHITRAL: In the wake of the government’s intensive propaganda of tourism promotion in Pakistan, specially in the northern areas, The GB province and Swat, Kalam etc are enjoying the fruits while Chitral is being totally ignored. Tourists to Chitral are virtually discouraged by offering them shabby roads, nuisance at lowari tunnel and check posts etc.

The latest gift to Chitral has been curtailing its air service form twice a week to once a week. It may be noted that Gilgit is served with four flights a day from Islamabad against one flight a week for Chitral. Gilgit and Skardu are also being served with direct flights from Karachi and Lahore.

Whereas the government may consider Chitralis to be ‘children of a lesser god’, Chitralis themselves are proving it so. Whether it be the public representatives or appointment holders in tourism related committees, all are stunned silent on the treatment meted out to Chitral. .. CN report, 11 Jun 2021

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