Torture at tunnel continues; PM to take notice please

Chitral: Despite seven months past inauguration of tunnel by the then Prime minister, the staff managing the tunnel are still sadistically teasing and torturing travelers. A senior banker from Chitral Haji Inamullah talking to this scribe said he reached the tunnel at 1230 pm from Chitral side but was ordered to wait at the mouth of the tunnel without giving any reason. Only after ringing up here and there and getting ‘sifarish’ was our vehicle allowed to pass through the the tunnel. Inside the tunnel we found it abandoned in a neglected state with only some lights on. No work of any kind was going inside the tunnel he said. He also said that people at the tunnel on condition of anonymity told him that even the Koreans have abandoned the tunnel and gone on leave.

It is a matter of shame that a tunnel which is supposed to be open 24 hours is being denied to the travelers on different flimsy excuses and there is no work going on inside the tunnel. The prime minister who is expected to visit Chitral soon should take notice of this and sort out this self created problem once for all. .. BH Azad, 31 Jan 18

2 thoughts on “Torture at tunnel continues; PM to take notice please

  1. Chitrali people are leaderless. If Chitral is merged with Dir then hopefully these problems of Chitral will resolve. Because Dir leaders are comparatively vocal and they have worked for Dir with tremendous developmental work. We people of Chitral should elect our next MPA and MNA from Dir to resolve these issues of Chitral. Because our leaders are developing their own properties and doing nothing for Chitral. Just take this example which must have tackled by our MPAs and MNA long time ago to provide relief to the people. Now tunnel is open but the so called security forces are creating serious problem for the commuters just for nothing, while our leader are dead silent on the issue in spite of having full information about the matter and troubles faced by people. The only option is that we must vote for candidate from Dir to get rid of our incompetent, self-interested and corrupt leaders because they do not have the capacity to take up this petty issue with NHA or order the security forces deployed at tunnel not to make people of Chitral life miserable.

  2. The staff, both NHA and security staff deputed at the tunnel have become so used to torturing the listless travelers, that now when the tunnel is complete and fit for unhindered travel, they are not ready to give up on their old habits and stop misusing their nuisance value. Our political leaders are too weak to tackle them. Looks like we will continue facing harassment at the tunnel in the years to come.

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