Torture of travelers at Lowari Tunnel continues

Chitral: Mistreatment meted out to everyday travelers at the Lowari pass continues unabated. Senior banker Haji Inamullah talking to CN said he was travelling from Islamabad to Chitral on Sunday. His vehicle along with many other vehicles was held up at the mouth of the tunnel without any rhyme or reason. Meanwhile some vehicles were allowed to pass through adding insult to injury, in blatant violation of justice and fairness. He named the personnel of Dir levies who were holding up the passengers and exercising discretion in letting some ‘sifarshi’ vehicles pass through the tunnel. The names of two levies personnel on duty were Naser and Akbar and the third one was hiding his name plate, Inam said.

The Banker traveler has appealed to the Deputy Commissioner Dir Bala to take action against the Levis personnel and also appealed to NHA and security authorities to for God’s sake reform the conduct of personnel managing traffic through the tunnel. He said if that can not be done then it should be declared that travelers passing through the tunnel are second grade citizens and do not have any basic rights. We will then stop complaining and demanding to be treated with respect, he said. .. CN report, 07 Apr 2019

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