Torture at Lowari tunnel continues despite 3 months past innauguration

Chitral .. The routine torture meted out by NHA to travelers continues at the Lowari tunnel, despite three months having passed after inauguration of the tunnel by the Prime minister. The NHA allows only one and half hour each way of passage through the tunnel during daytime in a single lane traffic. No where on earth is a tunnel single lane as is Lowari tunnel but the NHA has restricted it to single lane. During night time it arbitrarily opens and closes the tunnel not following any specific schedule.

Haji Inam Ullah a senior banker from Chitral who frequently travels on the route says the situation at the tunnel is pathetic. He said in three months a new tunnel is constructed these days, but at the Lowari tunnel three months after it’s inauguration and Prime minister saying only one percent work is left, the one percent work is stuck in our throat. This can only happen in Chitral due to our incapable public representatives he said.

He gave the example of the small tunnel which is fully ready since long but being denied to travelers for God knows what reasons.? Whatever the reasons quoted by NHA, the primary objective is to inconvenience the travellers in some form or the other he said.

He said giving people mental torture, wastage of their time and fuel and increasing their frustration and hatred for the government mean nothing to the NHA who will continue torturing the people until the next elections or until somebody stops them he said. He called upon every Chitrali in whatever capacity they are to raise voice against the torture meted out by the NHA at Lowari tunnel. .. CN report, 12 Oct 2017

5 thoughts on “Torture at Lowari tunnel continues despite 3 months past innauguration

  1. If the three parliamentarians along with the District and Tehsil Nazims call on the Prime minister/Communications Minister in the form of a delegation and apprise them, the problem can be solved in one day. Otherwise the avoidable tunnel torture will continue for God knows how long. The deputy commissioner also can play a key role here.

  2. These are fruits of uprooting government prematurely, after ousting of federal government through technical way all the developmental projects including lawari tunnel works slowed down. Ultimately when PM was disqualified and govt was packed he is sitting in London along with his family it is people of Pakistan who suffer from such adventurism.

    1. For your kind information, neither has the government been uprooted nor ousted. It is still government of the same party with Nawaz Sharif still the de facto prime minister. Is our system so much dependent on a single person? Are we not a civilised people with a valid system? Shame on this system is all I can say.

  3. Unfortunately, I have also gone through the painful situation of waiting at Lowari Tunnel during the first week of this month. The slowdown of work on Lowari Tunnel reflects the contention of contractors who are exercising the tactics of Money making. The NHA has lost its credibility due to poor performance and failure to maintain standard and quality of work. The disqualification of P.M. Nawaz Sharif does not matter in the context of ongoing projects. The corruption mophia is putting on flesh day by day but the institutions are weak in every walk of life. The cold war between the military establishment and the civil government is in vogue. It is a matter of ego for both and nothing else, This state of affairs has put the integrity and solidarity of state on jeopardy. May Almighty Allah help us to resolve the indigenous differences. AMEEN.

  4. We should not compare Pakistani system and its society with west or we must not be idealist. If there is transfer of an officer from his post to another office entire system of the office changes. Priorities of the other officer, his way of working etc also changes one way or another. In case of developed countries system is strong but we have person specific system and after change of faces the whole system also affect. Our system is fragile because it has not been given time to grow and to get strength. Not to speak of present govt, tentative completion date of Lawari Tunnel was 2007, why it delayed, because Musharaf was taking personal interest in the matter, and during his tenure work on the project was at full swing. After Musharaf, for 5 years work completely stopped in the project. Because PPP govt was not interested in the project and even that govt transferred Lawari funds to Multan, it is on record. When PML (N) got power and Nawaz Sharif become PM he also took personal interest into the project and released funds and directed NHA to expedite work on the project. But unfortunately he has been disqualified and he is no more PM, however Khakan Abbasi is PM from the same party but he is not as much interested in the work as previous PM was.

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