Time to clean our Augean stable

Pakistan has become an Augean stable of inept and corrupt politicians, religious obscurantists, cunning beurocracy, budget guzzling military and maze of security agencies. No wonder the world has started raising fingers on our functionality and viability. At present Pakistan is cursed with a failed political system which churns out trash after trash, election after election, and the condition worsens with each successive democratic exercise called elections.

Whenever there is a suggestion to improve the system, it is shot down as undemocratic. Democracy has virtually become a license for the professional politicians to plunder the country in turns. We have now to see whether we want the betterment of the country in line with dictums of justice and fairplay or we continue condemning ourselves to the worn out rotten system of contemporary democracy.

The practice of one man one vote has been mutilated to such an extent that it has become incorrigible. We need to gather guts and opt for an entirely different, entirely revolutionary system which is ‘Meritocracy’. In this system instead of being elected, public representatives would be selected through competitive exams. The country would get cream of the nation as the people’s representatives and get rid of traditional monopolists to public representation in the form of Mirs, Pirs, Waderas, Molanas, Idustrialists, Jagirdars, etc, who mostly have no capabilities but yet always get elected because they have have made the electorate their captive voters in one way or the other.

A Parliament constituted through ‘Meritocracy’ would be a potent and effective institution with the cream of the country inside. When public representatives are of high caliber, the beurocracy cannot fool them, nor can the army exploit their weaknesses and override them, like we have seen again and again.

Pakistan is a country with tremendous resources, most precious of them being the human resource. We must not waste ourselves remaining condemned to a failed system of government and instead clean our Augean stable by taking an epoch step towards the futuristic, fair, functional system of ‘Meritocracy’

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