It’s time politics gives way to an efficient replacement

Chitral .. Often wonder, what is this thing called politics in today’s contemporary world. It is not unusual to hear people taunting at one another exclaiming “don’t play politics with me” meaning (“don’t fool me”). If we think about it cool headedly, we will not be able to justify the role of politics in today’s world vis-?-vis it’s raison d’?tre or it’s relevance.

As a case in point to explain, let us consider as to what are political workers, the driving tools of politics. Isn’t it a fact that political workers of any party would strive to bring their party to power and then aspire for the booties of victory in the form of personal gratifications. Which worker of any party works keeping his aim as collective betterment of the country (save the noble very few). All are after individual gains. Isn’t this the bitter truth? Why must we blindly follow a system (democracy) that was introduced 2500 years back and which by now has been thrashed to a totally mutilated form.

Now, the world is totally a different playfield compared to 2500 years ago. The concepts, perceptions and everything else is different to what was then. Now we have technology as the most effective game determinant in the world. The major developments in the contemporary world are due to technology, not politics. Whether it be the abundance of energy, the ease of communication through mobile phone, the access of information through internet, the outreach to yonder galaxies, all owe their existence to technology. Politics has nothing to do with them.

The point to ponder is if intelligent people can alter the world through technology and deliver to the world the goodies and the facilities we are enjoying today, can’t they govern the world in a sensible manner and make it a better place for human beings? Of course yes!. We need to shed primitive practices like democracy and opt for a new intelligence based system powered by technology. This can be achieved making use of intelligent people by giving them responsibilities through the transparent system of ‘Meritocracy‘. Let us think out of the box. Let us make the world a better place by using the resources and the opportunities it provides us, intelligence being the foremost. Following a beaten path and expecting change is a folly. Concepts need to be revisited. Let us not be afraid of an honest and fair system where capability shall reign to deliver facilities and goodness to the world. .. CN Editorial, 16 Oct 2017

2 thoughts on “It’s time politics gives way to an efficient replacement

  1. The only thing permanent in this world is ‘change’ Saudi Arabia had banned women driving for ages on the pretext that it was against Sharia. Few months ago with the stroke of the pen the King suddenly allowed women to drive. When the time for change comes nothing can stop it. A new system whatever it may be but based on logic, justice and merit, to replace democracy has become a must, if the world wants betterment.

  2. Democratic form of government suits those countries where the common man can express their right of vote out of their own independent will. In a country like ours where the popular will is blatantly manipulated to the benefit of the corrupt politicians, meritocracy is the viable option.

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