Three Chitrali girls glow in CSS exams

Chitral: Coming as a pleasant surprise and a good augury for Chitral, name of three female candidates have come up as qualifiers with distinction in the recently announced CSS exams.

Dr Sanya Hameed Pasha d/o Abdul Hameed Pasha Acct General, has achieved second position in KP and twentieth position overall and has joined Pak Administrative Service (former DMG).
Shagufta Jabeen d/o Ibraheem Shah Lecturer of Terich has achieved fifth position in KP and thirty sixth position over all. She has also joined Pak Administrative Service (PAS).
Syeda Maimoona d/o Azad Jan of Parkusap Mastuj, has also qualified CSS and has joined the Internal Revenue System (IRS)? ?.. CN report, 29 Jun 2018

6 thoughts on “Three Chitrali girls glow in CSS exams

  1. This is the bright side of the picture. On the other side: during Friday prayer sermon today the prayer leader dwelt half an hour on the ‘grave sin’ of giving a ride on motorcycle to your wife, sister, mother or daughter while taking her to the hospital etc. He said this is complete ‘behayayee’ and ‘fahashee’ and sign of end of time. He said we should hire private taxi for the purpose. Little did he realise that in a private taxi the female is sitting close to a ‘namuhrim’.
    I’m scared about this dichotomy of thinking in the Chitrali society. Where is the world going and where are we lingering.
    Any way, Well done daughters of Chitral. More power to women.

  2. This is really a wonderful news where our three daughters have done marvelous in the CSS examination. Heartiest congratulations and best of luck for their professional life. Women today stand around half of our population. Not only their significant presence in the society as percentage of population, rather their seriousness in studies, hard work,noble nature and proven high performance in various fields are ample proof that they should not be treated as subservient folk, rather be given the opportunity to seek education and become Shagufta, Sanya, Maimoona and countless the like names. Heartiest congratulations to their proud parents as well. Keep up your excellent professional contributions for reforming the broken society. This is possible only if members of bureaucracy set high examples of dedication and fair play. God Almighty be your guide and protector.

  3. This is really pleasure for us that our sisters got position in CSS examination. Many more congratulations for m sisters and their families. stay blessed and best of luck for their up coming future.

  4. We re proud of the the great daughters of Chitral. Congratulation to you and your families.

  5. Congratulations to our proud daughters, their families and the communities of Chitral to give opportunity to females to show their talent. Bravo!

  6. It is, of course a moment of proud for all of us that our three shining stars performed well in CSS Exam 2018.They prove that there is no dearth of potential in our youths if they get opportunity and are fully determined and willing to do something extr-ordinary, then success can be theirs.
    Heartiest congratulations to all of you and your lucky families. Wish you best of luck in your future careers.

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