Thousands attend funeral of Tableeghi Jamat Amir

CHITRAL: Estimated five thousand people attended the funeral prayers and burial rites of the local tableeghi Jamat Amir Haji Hazrat Wali at Drosh on Wednesday, who had passed away after a brief illness. . The cleric who belonged to to Gos village of Drosh was very popular and esteemed with his followers who turned up in large numbers to make the funeral one of the largest so far in Drosh. The funeral prayers was led by Molana Sardar Hussain. The deceased was buried at the public graveyard near the new tableeghi markaz donated by late Shahzada Zia ul Mulk.

? .. CN report, 6 Apr 2020

4 thoughts on “Thousands attend funeral of Tableeghi Jamat Amir

  1. May Allah grant a place in Jannat to the departed soul. Having said that, whatsoever happened to social distancing and section 144? Was it lifted for this occasion? Where is the administration? Where are the angry maulanas?- and what for were they angry? Someone has rightly said and I quote “Your religion is what you do when the sermon is over”.

  2. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most powerful of all” – A state within a state- (in this case it is the clergy).

  3. May Allah keep the soul in eternal peace
    Where is the district administration and law enforcement agencies. Where is the angry Mullah who used abuse language for district administration. Sorry to say which country we are living and what is our civilization level. We are 1000 years behind from the civilized world. All these are because of lack of education and disrespecting the law. This is the section 144 for keeping distancing.

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