This can happen only in Pakistan

A political party is crying hoarse since the last one and half years, the time since elections took place in Pakistan, that it was cheated and elections were grotesquely rigged. It approached the election commission and then the judiciary for rechecking of votes in a few constituencies to satisfy it, but neither of these justice dispensing institutions paid any heed to it’s demand.

After having warned the govt of protests if justice was not meted out to it, the party eventually took to a protest sit in, in the capital. The govt made fun of the protest sit-in instead of getting worried and redressing the grievance. Now when after three and half months of peaceful sit-in, the party has taken to the streets and created enough nuisance to unnerve the govt, it has finally agreed to talk on the issue.

The question here is why have we become so thick skinned as a nation and the govt of course is a representative of our nation. What is the big hitch in opening four constituencies for recounting of votes except fear and guilt. Even a student if unsatisfied with the paper marking in an examination can demand rechecking of the paper, why can’t votes be recounted. There is no rocket science in it which makes it so difficult.

Strange it is, the govt is unwilling to open a few bags of ballot papers for recounting, but is willing to face nation wide protests and turmoil – this can only happen in Pakistan .

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