The US ?Taliban truce

.. by Prof. R.K Baig

The media all over the world has become over enthusiastic on the possible agreement between the US and the Taliban militants who were once ? not very long ago but only 19 years back- arch enemies and ?the US had put scores of Taliban in the Guinta Namu torcher cells and used all imaginable ? Chhatrol? as known in the Police stations of Pakistan. That heart rending phase of Taliban US antagonism had opened the eyes of? the nations of the world who spoke in soft tones against it but could not openly ?shout ? merg on Bush, merg on US?? or ?their victimizers on the ground that all other nations are weaker and devoid of the sense of spirit to speak openly against the United States of America.

The USA has a dark history of cruel victimization of weaker nations and communities all over the world. We remember the Vietnam war where she fought for no just cause and was defeated badly in the 70s and had another bad record of entering Korean peninsula and received? strong resistance. Then it joined the Afghan Muj ahideen as surrogate father ? the war lords and supplied weapons worth trillion to force to retreat the Russian forces by recruiting Osama and likeminded butchers and trained them in the use of deadly sophisticated weapons but soon after? the retreat of the Soviet troops it forgot to control the veterans of the war and left them to operate freely leading to the rise of Mulla Umar with thousands of fighters behind Osama. This led to a sudden rush of fury against that Arab rascal who had been befooled? against Russia instead of fighting Israeli ?bastards who butchered poor Palestinians next to the door of Osama?s house but he ignored that front. ?Had Osama been a true Muslim he would have fought against Israilis ?just on the borders of Saudia but he was hoodwinked and sent to Afghanistan against Communism.

America is a rogue nation with wicked Presidents whose characters have generally been unreliable. They have perpetrated multitudes of atrocities against poor nations and communities. This nation has to be excommunicated and its citizens? who elect the bastard presidents are equally responsible for the atrocities hence they are accomplices, have? perpetrated countless cruel acts ?all over the world. ?Russia , China, France and Germany must bridle this rascal nation by imposing some strict measures and compel it to desist from the misdeeds that have been seen all over the world.

The Taliban-US agreement is just nothing of any credit, a futile step which has no value in the light of the pacts ?which were reached in Germany, Makkah etc. The Taliban in this way want to reduce the present number of US troops and weaken the Kabul regime and then occupy the Afghan homeland in the long run but it is not that much easy. The US has lost after a long illegal, immoral and stupid effort? but this is a Machiavellian government and a shame proof community that learns nothing after repeated defeats and failures but needs to sell her weapons to petrodollar rich fools of the middle east- a race that is too foolish to be taught a lesson or learn a lesson from the failures inflicted upon them by a small rogue nation who keeps deadly nukes. In the present case the Taliban have ?won a petty victory over the US ?and another civil war is imminent ? another headache for Pakistan as the Ashraf Ghani regime has been ignored i.e. rejected and the tug-of-war between Ghani and Abdullah will soon be ignited by those elements who had been waiting for such a great moment and they have already strengthened their resistance ?and defense ?positions ?to beat any of the rival ethnic groups. In this bail out package ?begged from the Taliban the US has decided to withdraw as Soviet Union did but what followed? is not yet forgotten. The Ashraf Ghani regime has been set aside in this deal and Abdullah is also nowhere.

This flight from Kabul is bound to bring back fanatic Taliban, ethnic Taliban, Daghish militants, India and many other secret stake holders like drug Lords, cartels, mafias and smaller mischief mongers ?who don?t have the mood to share power with any of the ex enemies. All this changed scenario is a path ?to a greater and unending , much more dangerous? kind ?of civil war in which every War Lord will try his luck and another greater mess is on the horizon. Pakistan must be ready to receive another batch of refugees between 4 and 5 million asylum seekers? but they must be marshaled on the appearance of the first refugee ?and kept in refugee camps directly under UNHCR umbrella and control of Pak Army ?and not be allowed to move out of the camps, but be fed and clothed by UNHCR only and not allowed to enter local business. Such new exodus be kept in detention- camp like situations? because of their bad performance and activities in the past and ?there must be :

  1. No free movement for them out of the camps
  2. No business be allowed to them
  3. No purchase of property be
  4. Drug? trafficking be ?strictly controlled and death punishment be awarded like that in Saudi Arabia.
  5. No marriages with locals be allowed.
  6. All must be injected anti fertilization doses to stop them from procreation inside Pakistan border.
  7. We must not rejoice over this deal but be over alert against the threats that loom on the horizon.
  8. What we have seen in the previous decades must be recalled if anyone has forgotten and deal with the coming grim situation with iron hands.
  9. Their former Pakistani business partners in all the departments/ businesses be surveyed, enlisted and put in the E.C.L. list. This US- Taliban deal is a great threat to our dwindling economy / Tourism vision. .. Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig, Chitral 02 Mar 2020

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