The ultimate ‘muk-muka’ in Pakistan

What is the biggest problem being faced by the people of Pakistan? Terrorism- No!, because terrorism can be eliminated with an honest effort as is being done by the armed forces now. Corruption- No!, as corruption can be checked by the examples being set by rulers as it is being done to some extent in KP province, Extremism- No!, as extremism can be fought with a balanced ideological counter offensive.

Then what is it that is the most insurmountable ill that ails our country?
Yes it is the menace of VIP culture. Easy on the mind but horrendous to the soul. VIP culture is the mother of most evils that beset our country and nobody who could, would attempt to seriously get rid of it. Why?, because it is directly concerned with the perks of the high and mighty, whether amongst politicians, the beurocracy or the armed forces- people who can actually take steps to eliminate this menace.

The efforts of Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri towards reawakening of the nation have borne results and besides other matters the curse of VIP culture has been highlighted at least. The recent off loading of VIPs from a PIA flight for delaying the flight and torturing the passengers brought maximum applause from the people, but the issue would soon whimper out given past record.

The lavish expenditure of the prime minister on public expense during a UN visit against the austere demeanor of his Indian counterpart is an eye opener if we have any eyesight left, that is.

In Pakistan VIPs escorted by convoys of expensive bullet proof cars, barricading of roads and fencing off of public pathways and making them out of bounds for the public, all is done in the name of security that is why no one dares challenge them. The core factor is that the high ups of all shades and hues are drunk with VIPism and consider it their privilege to drain public money and inconvenience the people for their personal sake.

In Pakistan if there is an ultimate ‘Muk Muka’ it is between those beneffiting from the VIP culture and no one whether in the govt or those waiting their turn will challenge it. The only Prime Minster of Pakistan Muhammad Khan Junejo (may his soul rest in peace) who tried to put his ministers and millitary generals in locally manufactured cars was sent packing within no time. A lesson in our history for those who would seriously attempt at beating the VIP demon.

Given the background, now we should see how to tackle this mother of all problems. One way is to have a head of govt and state who declares a war against VIP culture even it means risking his job, starting with self example. The other way is the French solution (a la’ 1793).

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