The standard of our officialdom

2 thoughts on “The standard of our officialdom

  1. The memorandum of Executive Engineer Rohri Division, MORO, Government of Sindh reflects the poor standard of education, poor official language with blunders/mistakes. I believe that The qualification of the Xen is not even Matriculation but he is holding public office in grade-18. The corruption mophia has destroyed the system particularly in the province of Sindh. The people still expect betterment from their leaders. May Almighty Allah help them to redress their grivancies.

  2. In mid 70’s then Prime Minister ZA Bhutto had ordered that students should be promoted without any examinations. The ‘party’ started right from there. The produce of his decision are now in high positions in Pakistan like this XEN. This is a manifestation and an example of ‘Aaj bhi Bhutto Zinda Hai’

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