The ritual of animal sacrifice on Eid ul Azha, as practiced in Hunza.

CHITRAL: In Hunza, a neighbor landof Chitral, all the people of the village who pledge to sacrifice animals bring them to a central location and a joint Qurbani is held. The meat is then distributed among all the residents of the village in an equal proportion, regardless of the fact who owned animals and who did not. In other words, if you owned a sacrificial animal, you’ll get the same amount of meet as compared to the one who did not own any.

Qurbani meat in Hunza
Qurbani meat in Hunza

Most impressing thing is, most people don’t even know who offered animal for sacrifice. After a brief ritual at home, the owner silently takes the animal to the place where joint Qurbani is taking place and hands it over to the volunteers.

No hired butchers, all the work is done by youngsters of the village, girls participate in cleaning and washing meat, while men do other related tasks. This practice is common across Hunza region. .. Source: Colors of Hunza, 02 Aug 2020

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  1. We can introduce slaughter with machine like they do at the time of Haj Qurbani in Mecca. It will be a cleaner affair with minimized torture to the animal.

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