The regime change policy

.. by Islamuddin

In the 19th century President Monroe of the United States formulated a policy known as the Monroe Doctrine, under which the US declared countries on its side of the Atlantic to be its sphere of influence; where powers on the other side of the Atlantic would not interfere and in return the US would keep away from interfering in their affairs. However during the First World War the possible defeat of allied forces at the hands of Germans, forced the US to cross the Atlantic in support of the Allied Powers. After securing victory for them it again went into isolation in line with Monroe Doctrine. However the rise of communism and its fast spread in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America unnerved the corporate America and again compelled it to enter the World War 11 after Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor. Since then US has assumed the role of a new imperial power to fill the vacuum created by the collapse of British Imperialism which used to boast that sun never set on the British Raj. After the War, Europe and the rest of the world were divided into spheres of influences. America decided to abandon the Monroe Doctrine and adopted Eisenhower Doctrine of regime change to prop up pro- US regimes to contain and defeat communism. The ensuing cold war between capitalism and communism lasted till the emergence of the US dominated new world order.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, the MNC controlled new world order, driven by the sole super power, received free hand to go for regime change using corporate funds and  intelligence support. Since then 91 regime change operations have been undertaken. Nationalist leaders like N Kruma of Ghana, Mossadeq of Iran, Gamel Abdul Naseer of Egypt and Z.A Bhutto of Pakistan among others were targeted. Popular leaders in the third world were overthrown or assassinated for not toeing the US line in their foreign policies. This policy of eliminating popular charismatic leaders generated wide spread hatred and resentment against the US policy of interventions to protect corporate interests at the cost of the people. ‘Down with America’ has become popular slogan in many third world countries. Today America is the most disliked power for the people but the most sought after by corrupt rulers because it allows the corrupt rulers to stash away their ill-gotten wealth in their safe offshore accounts. This new kind of imperialism is more dangerous than the old one because in the new imperialism local assets are used as mercenaries and provided with huge funds to buy political support for the regime change actions. Therefore promotion of corruption and political asylums for the corrupt leaders have become the handy tools to transfer resources stolen from the poor countries to the rich ones thus further impoverishing these countries to develop dependency syndrome with a view to using them as tools of the new imperialism.

The recent no- confidence vote against the charismatic nationalist leader, Imran Khan, is the re-enactment of the conspiracy hatched against another popular leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Earlier Liaqat Ali Khan and Suharwardy had also been assassinated for their inclination to follow non-aligned policies instead of becoming camp followers of the US. Imran Khan also tried to follow footsteps nationalist leaders. His decision to uphold national interest by following non-aligned foreign policy irked the US. His decision to visit Russia to sign energy agreements at cheaper rates and to diversify sources of energy supply for his country unnerved the US policy makers. A meeting of national Security Council was held under the chairmanship of President Biden and it was decided to punish Pakistan for visiting Russia on the eve of Russian invasion of Ukraine and for refusing to condemn Russian attack. In pursuance to this meeting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Donald Lu was asked to demarche and threaten Pakistan that the planned non-confidence motion against Imran Khan be passed otherwise Pakistan will face consequences. Earlier Bhutto had also been threatened of horrible consequences if he went ahead with his nuclear program. America did not like his efforts to unite the Ummah also and the same go for Imran who also united the Ummah for the second time in 2022. The mercenaries who ganged up with the US for dollars and safety of their ill-gotten wealth would certainly stand condemned in the eyes of history. They have now joined the ranks of Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq and Imran will be remembered as Tipu Sultan. The first thing they would do include rolling back accountability process and world acclaimed social safety net and establish rule of the slave dynasties.

Today every Pakistani is ashamed of these so-called leaders who have bartered away our national pride and independence for few peanuts. It is unfortunate that a great power like the US has become hostage in the hands of MNCs where an average American has been confined to local issues while national and international issues are the monopoly of corporate America. It is time American people took back their power from the MNCs and the one percent rich to create a level playing paradigm for every citizen. Once that happens the entire global community would start loving America as a humane country and its generosity will not go waste as is the case at present. The fact that American government is the most hated one in the eyes of many countries, especially Muslim countries, is a testimony of its flawed and unpopular policies of regime change and political assassination. It is unbecoming of a great nation to allow itself be condemned in the eyes of history for dubious transitory gains. Moreover these policies would be counter-productive in this age of information explosion and social media. US backed no- confidence motion against Imran Khan which brings the corrupt and discredited dynasties back into power has enhanced the image of Imran Khan as a national hero. It has also renewed old wounds of assassination of Bhutto with US support which the US should better have allowed to be forgotten. Its present action has also paved way for land slide victory of Imran Khan in the next polls. He is now an icon and a national hero, thanks to the myopic vision of US policy makers. It is unfortunate that a great nation is being ruled by pygmies beholden to big money and acting like a Leviathan .. Islamuddin, Garm Chashma Chitral 11 Apr 2022

3 thoughts on “The regime change policy

  1. Nice article, not easy to disagree with you, however, this time the situation is different, not a real Cold War. You are probably not following social media and current affairs closely. America is busy with other issues such as high inflation at the domestic front and the Ukraine issue globally – Pakistani regime has no importance for US at the moment and no one talks about it so it’s clear from all sides that the regime change in the country is locally manufactured, “ka ki angiti astai, hasa hot bogha retai”.

  2. American have never figured in foreign policy issues as this has been arrogated to corporate funded think tanks manufacturing wars and viruses for their patrons. Pressure brought for regime change in Pakistan can be traced to the top man in the US. In this high stake game army appears to have been cornered or neutralised as it still depends on US weapons and aid

  3. Mohammed Hanif, a world known British Pakistani writer, articulates in his article and clearly tells the answer of this current issue, ” What went wrong with Bajwa Doctrine? One little thing: BBC Urdu April 28 2022

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