The problem of trust deficit in our society

CHITRAL:? We often, almost on daily basis come across news about breach of trust episodes in our society. Whether it be the promises of politicians who abruptly turn about on their claims and promises, or of horrendous episodes in everyday life relating to the deficiency of trust prevalent in our society.

A couple of days back a video clip went viral on the social media where a full load of dead chicken was intercepted and the person carrying the dead chicken said he was on his way to supply them to a well known restaurant in Rawalpindi. Similarly, almost on daily basis we hear of dog meat being sold as mutton and donkey meat as beef. We keep seeing videos of how cooking oils are made of intestines of dead animals, and how hair removing chemical powders are added to milk to give it a thick texture.

The other day, this scribe was at a pansari (herbs dealer) shop. When the shopkeeper was asked about powdered form of a certain herb, the shopkeeper said we can make the powder in front of you, as we do not keep the powdered herb because no body will trust it to be pure. This is the state of trust deficiency in our society. This problem may not be so grave in other societies as we are facing. It is imperative that we admit the fault and try attend to it.

Think tanks should research on how to reduce this trust deficit in our society where every body is distrusting everybody else, whether it be in personal relationships, collective relationships, trust in institutions, even trust in own self vis ? vis self respect is depreciating at an alarming rate .. CN report, 21 Nov 2019

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  1. The two most trusted pharmacies of Pakistan namely ‘Shaheen’ and ‘D Watson’ have just been impounded in Islamabad for selling fake and counterfeit medicines. Whom should we trust to buy our medicines from, now?

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