The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The town of Hamlyn was once full of rats.. The people had grown tired of the rats but were unable to do anything. Even the cats were not able to kill the rats.

One day, a queer fellow, came to town. He was called the Pied Piper. He went to the Mayor and asked him, “What will you pay me if I free your town of every single rat?” The mayor offered fifty pounds to the Pied Piper.

Happy with the offer, the Pied Piper started playing his pipe. Hearing the shrill, keen note, every rat came out from its hole and started following him. The Pied Piper kept on playing his pipe and the rats followed him. The piper walked up to the harbour with millions of rats behind him and led them into the water and waited till every rat had drowned.

Now the town was free of the little devils and the people were very happy.

After all the rats were dead, the Pied Piper returned and asked the Mayor for his money. The Mayor said that he could only give him twenty pounds for such an easy job. Now that the rats were dead, the Mayor thought that there was nothing to worry about. But the Pied Piper wanted to teach him a lesson. This time he played a different tune. Hearing his music, the children came out of their houses. They started following the piper, dancing and shouting. The elders watched in disbelief as the Pied Piper led the children far, far away. The Mayor sent his men to look for the piper and bring the children back but none could find the lost children.

The many detractors of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto allege that he made the people aware of their rights but not of their responsibilities. The result was a chaotic condition and social dishevel in the country.

Imran Khan has aroused the sentiments and emotions of the people, but will he be able to channelize them into productive formation or let them go unbridled (which can be disastrous). The Chitrali idiom well says “Pari khameik asqaan, usnaik geran” (easy to  let out the Jinnie but difficult to put it back in the bottle).

The huge following of Imran Khan playing to the tune of emotions shows the frustration in the society at large, the emotional fragility of the society and more ever so, the soaring and unbridled population of the country, all which need to be addressed on priority basis. .. CN report, 17 Apr 2022

5 thoughts on “The Pied Piper of Hamelin

  1. “The frustration in the society at large and also the soaring and unbridled population of the country, both which need to be addressed on priority basis”.

    The responsibility to address every problem being faced by the people is with each and every one of the people.
    If and when people will make a resolve to become Muslims, they shall be on the way to solve their problems themsleves.
    Allah commanded people to come out of their homes to join hands with each to create Peoples’ Union i.e. Jumeeyah in every qiryah, qusbah and locality of their country. Jumeeyah and Shoorah to be able to solve their problems as much as they can, themselves. Do we see people obeying Allah? No.
    So how can they solve their problems when they do not come forward to do so?
    Once again Allah commanded people not to produce too many fitnah but people do not listen. Allah said “Wealth and children are Fitnah. Woe unto those who seek increase in wealth and children.”
    So who is resonsible for creating trouble for themselves? The people who refuse to become Muslims. They refuse to obey what Allah commanded them. True?

  2. May the frustration convert into a positive contribution towards better Pakistan. Otherswise this will end up with more damage to our beloved motherland.

  3. Imran has been tested for four years and he could not deliver, rather isolated Pakistan internationally. Now he is playing with the emotions of youth and misleading them through contorted narrative.

  4. Fake is the leadership that befuddles peaceful milieu, without channeling new ideals and then achieving them. Diabolic is such leadership that makes relatively peaceful environment tumultuous without having any gainful targets in view. Sorrowful is such adrift leadership that proved emptiest chatterbox after clinching power, achieving almost no objectives. Pathetic shall be the leadership, which aims at limiting population, instead of making existing numbers happy and creating more opps by developing existing resources, available in plenty and harnessed, perhaps less than one third!

  5. Imran was let down by corrupt beaucracyand his nationalist policies rattled corporate America making it gang up with pro West for regime change these politicians preferred to gain power to whitewash their corruption record but in the process sacrificed their political future there are reasons to believe they let out the genie from the bottle and made Imran a national hero they mafia will now make more money and will now move to western haven where their looted billions are stashed Imran will now haunt them just like Bhutto did till his legacy was burried by zardari and co

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