The Opportunity in this Crisis

CHITRAL: The country is in a ‘democratic’ crisis these days. All major political parties have teamed up against the sitting government with the single objective of toppling it. What could be the likely out come of this crisis is easy to guess. There could be two situations that will follow.

1. Either the government will capitulate under pressure and new elections would be held;  meaning same people will come up again on both sides and we will continue to dance in the ‘circle of no joy’.

2. The government will continue bruised and limping and will be continuously be thrashed with regular agitations and demonstrations and the result will be a continuation of instability..

So what is the best course of action for Pakistan now?
This a God given opportunity to wrap up this failed system and adopt another one which does not have political instability as a default built in feature, like this system has. A Presidential system, the Chinese model or best of all the system of ‘Meritocracy‘ can be adopted through a referendum based change of constitution.

As the ‘Meritocracy‘ system is too rich for the psyche of the nation to digest at the moment, at least a Presidential system or any system which eliminates/minimises politics/elections coupled with a potent and efficient system of accountability can do wonders for Pakistan. Good Governance is the top need of Pakistan at the moment and any system supporting it should be adopted.

Allah has given us yet another chance. Let us not squander this too like we did with similar chances before.  .. CN report, 09 Dec 2020

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