The loot begins!

.. by Naeem Sadiq
ISLAMABAD: The recommendations of a financial budget of Rs1.5 billion for the salaries of the newly elected members of the 16th National Assembly are ready.
The NA’s Cash and Accounts Branch has prepared its proposal. It envisages Rs411.1 million in salaries, Rs130 million in allowances, and Rs891 million in operational expenses.
In terms of perks, 25 business class air tickets, travel vouchers worth Rs300,000, blue passports, as well as free air and railway journey facilities will be available to the NA members.
They will receive thousands of rupees daily for different allowances including TAD, conveyance, special, additional, household, and travelling.
According to details obtained by The Express Tribune, each MNA will receive Rs150,000 as basic salary and Rs38,000 as additional allowances.
Every NA members will be given Rs10,000 in the form of telephone allowance.
Besides, each of them will be handed over Rs8,000 as office allowance. A sum of Rs15,000 in the form of ad hoc relief and Rs5,000 as additional allowance will also be included in each MNA’s salary.
The NA members will be able to avail Rs4,800 special, Rs2,800 general and Rs2,000 daily conveyance allowances.
Each member will have the facility of free travel in business class for domestic travel and first class for official trips abroad.
During duty, a member of the assembly will be entitled to receive a household allowance of Rs2,000 per day.
Each MNA and their family members will be authorised to travel on official passports.
Blue passports will be issued to the members of the assembly and their family members.
An MNA will receive an honorarium of Rs25,000 on becoming the chairperson of a standing committee.
If a member becomes the chairperson of a committee, they will also be given a private secretary, stenographer, deputy messenger and driver.
A committee chairperson will also be provided with a 1,300cc car as well as 600 lit. of fuel.
Why this insane bribe. They will not serve, they will LOOT Pakistan.
Citizens should raise their voice to prevent this officially planned plunder, .. Published in ‘Express Tribune’ 23 Feb 2024

4 thoughts on “The loot begins!

  1. The Govt must stop this waste of tax payer’s money at once. Why business class ticket? Why are they being given daily allowance? Why blue passport? Why chairperson of standing committee should receive any amount? Why free petrol? Etc etc etc All this should be covered by the NA member himself and not on tax payers money. NEW GOVERNMENT MUST CURTAIL ITS EXPENSES AT ALL COSTS! THE CITIZES CAN NOT BEAR THESE UN NECESSARY EXPENSES, NOT EVEN AN EXTRA RUPEE. THEY ARE ALREADY UNDER A LOT OF DEBT!

  2. It is for these official perks beside the vast unofficial money-making opportunities which encourage people to spend crores to become MNAs, MPAs, Senators and other elected office holders. If such undue perks are done away with, only sincere people will come forward to serve without asking for such financial gratifications. Advanced civilised countries like the Scandinavian ones are an example. Example has to be set from the top.

  3. During Benazir era, in a meeting of MNAs of south Punjab when an MNA pointed towards a Minister and said he was doing visible corruption which was bringing bad name to the party, Benazir angrily remarked “if he doesn’t make money how will he contest next election”. This is the reality of politics and political system in Pakistan, and it sadly continues.

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