The Lahore molestation incident: Causes and prevention

CHITRAL: The recent diabolical incident at Lahore, where scores of youngsters collectively mutilated a young lady who along with companions had gone to the national park to shoot a tiktok film, is an eye opener for the nation, that our eyes are still closed.

Setting aside the moral aspect of the incident, we can analyse it from the practical aspects according to the situation on ground. The fact is that Pakistan has an ocean of youngsters who are frustrated, disillusioned, unguided/misguided, and  entertainment starved. The youth mostly have a wayward path in front of them and don’t know what to do.

The way forward to harness the youth is to give them some inspiration starting from our elders, leaders, teachers, religious preachers and those who are in power or yielding any authority. Thereafter engage the youth scientifically in a progressive program, offering them incentives for achievements and hard work and most importantly giving them opportunities to prove themselves.

Second but not any less important, is to check the wild population growth. Unless the population growth does not become rational, not much of the above mentioned programs will hold for long. .. CN Editorial, 20 Aug 2021

One thought on “The Lahore molestation incident: Causes and prevention

  1. Rapid and unchecked population has serious, both social and economic, consequences and the Lahore incident could be one of the social one

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