The Decadence of Governance; Thanks to Parliamentary Democracy

Chitral: The quality of governance has been falling ever since parliamentary democracy was introduced in Pakistan in the 1970s. A country erstwhile known for stable and progressive institutions has been subject to vandalism without any mercy in the name of democracy, ever since. There are numerous examples that can be quoted to prove what has been said above, but the recent one is worth mentioning:

The PIA recently terminated services of several personnel on the grounds of possessing fake educational certificates. The Senate Standing Committee on Aviation promptly opposed this step and the committee Chairperson Senator Mushahid Hussain said that?the issue of fake degrees though being? serious, but instead of depriving such fake degree holders of their jobs, their salaries should be reduced.

Such is the moral standing of our senior politicians and policy makers. This is all because in a parliamentary democracy such people are thrown up by compulsion and assigned the reigns of our destiny.

It is imperative that we change the system if we want to get out of this gutter. The least we can do is to adopt a presidential system of government where the president can appoint people on merit instead of succumbing to electoral compulsions. .. CN report, 04 Jan 2019


One thought on “The Decadence of Governance; Thanks to Parliamentary Democracy

  1. No system works, no system will work for as long as the people do not organise themselves to be able to keep a watch to ensure that the system approved by all, is working.
    We all know that when people sleep, the thieves and robbers are active. This is exactly what people everywhere in the world do. They elect someone and then go to sleep. It is then that the crime syndicates and Mafiosi becomes active. Why? People do not organise their Peoples’ Union to ensure that no Mafia is able to make those elected by the people, to represent the Mafia.
    There are just too many Mafiosi in the USA and everywhere. The Mafiosi did not allow quite a few Presidents of the USA to be able to give the people of the USA a State financed Health Service when they tried to do so.
    Similarly the Gun Mafia does not allow Gun control in the USA. So we all can see that the Mafia rules over the people everywhere just because the people have not organised their own Mafia i.e.
    a Union of the people, by the people, for the people that ensures through peoples’ participation that the true interests of the people are looked after.
    Every people friendly philosopher and thinker advised people to organise their own Peoples’ Union. What more , Lord Almighty commanded faithfuls to organise Peoples’ Jumeeyah and Shoorah. Do we see Peoples’ Jumeeyah and Shoorah where the faithfuls live? Not many. May be a few in the KP. and here and there. Why? The dearth of Jumeeyah and Shoorah and scarcity of Udl eul Ehsaan in the habits of people is a vivid proof of dearth of faithfuls.
    The people in their own interest will need to organise to come to meet the people of their neighbourhood regularly in their spare time to start becoming active to be able to take interests and be effective in the matters that affect their everyday life and their destiny.
    The people, throughout the world have been sleeping for too long, hence find that the thieves and robbers are active in broad day light. They will remain active for as long as people do not start organising themselves by first organising their regular coming together in the localities where they live. There is utterly no other way to achieve democracy. A democracy the Lord has commanded people to establish.

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