The crisis offers a great opportunity

CHITRAL: Both India and Pakistan are in the throes of a great crisis- The Covid pandemic has dumbfounded both the countries as to what has hit them. Where an epidemic is a natural phenomenon, how to to cope with it is strictly in the hands of individuals.

India and Pakistan both have an overflowing population, not supported by the requisite health facilities to deal with such situations. The uncontrolled population in both countries is more because of the cultural traditions than anything else.

The shock of the pandemic is a good opportunity for both countries to revisit their priorities. Seizing the opportunity, both the countries should announce  mutual peace, a freeze on any kind of armament spending and focus on providing good health care and amenities to their citizens.

Both the countries should also actively consider putting a stop to the population explosion, so that their people can live a decent life and leave a good legacy for the coming generations. .. CN report, 24 Apr 2021

One thought on “The crisis offers a great opportunity

  1. No doubt,there’s a strong positive correlation between the risk of pandemic and human population density,and this COVID-19 has affected India and Pakistan the most as both countries are a particular case in having a large number of highly vulnerable people.Therefore for a safer future both countries should adopt policies to address both the health and education challenges along with social bomb instead of nuclear bomb

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