Telenor network getting worse by the day in Chitral

CHITRAL: Telenor, the largest GSM network working in the two districts of Chitral has always been an unsatisfactory service. A large number of consumers have subscribed to this service owing to it’s vast network of communication towers all around the districts.

However, as much as it’s network is spread, it’s performance is poor in the same proportion. Consumers keep complaining but complains fall on deaf ears.. The president trade union Chitral Shabir Ahmad has threatened to call for a collective boycott of the company if it’s service is not improved immediately. .. CN report, 04 Sep 2019

2 thoughts on “Telenor network getting worse by the day in Chitral

  1. Every one seems to be complaining about Telenor performance, but no body seems to second the news when same is put on the media, like this website which is ‘Google News’ syndicated and thus monitored by Telenor Headquarters by default for all news related to the company from anywhere.This listless attitude of Chitralis is one reason for many for our problems not getting solved.

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