Technical, vocational education direly needed in Chitral

CHITRAL: Chitral has been known to produce outclass educationists and students in good numbers.. This also includes religious and seminary  students. Masjids in the province especially in big cities have mostly Chitrali Imams and Khadims. This is all due to the stress and importance given to education whether it be academic education or religious education..

The absence of technical and vocational education is however markedly felt in Chitral. Finding a Chitrali processional in any vocational field is very difficult. Masons, beadmakers, butchers, successful businessmen (with a few exceptions) are all non Chitralis.

It is imperative that priorities should be re-aligned with ground realities. Education in technical and vocational fields should be given importance to offset the balance and to make Chitrali youth more productive and useful to the society and themselves. .. CN report, 07 Oct 2021

2 thoughts on “Technical, vocational education direly needed in Chitral

  1. Very much agreed. We have very talented artisans in the region all we need someone to come forward and help them to rise and shine in the global market.

  2. This is true. It is very difficult to find a plumber in Chitral while highly educated jobless (useless) people are aplenty. With due respect to all the academicians and literati, if we line up the PHDs and then line up plumbers in Chitral, we will find that the PHD doctors far outnumber the plumbers. A healthy balance is needed for a practical society.

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