Technical employees used as domestic servants by PESCO officials

As a result, five of the six complaint centres in Chitral were now closed and the remaining one was unable to entertain to the complaints of the consumers. When consumers approach the only complaint centre for resolution of any electricity-related issue it takes weeks to get it resolved.

There have also been complaints that the company?sent inflated bills?to consumers without meter reading and when the consumers approach the complaint office they are humiliated by the untrained and unprofessional staff.

On the other hand, there is no one to fix the dangling transmission lines in the town, especially in the bazaar area, that could lead to any incident.

They said that a group of officials sitting in the Timargarah office of PESCO was deliberately creating problems for the consumers in order to bring a bad name to the government. If the government fails to take action against the mafia, the 38,000 consumers in Chitral would be forced to take to streets against the company, they warned. ..? Bashir Hussain Azad, Chitral 03 May 2019.

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