Teaching Quran in schools, a commendable decision

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has decided to include the education of the Holly Quran in the courses of the government and as well as in the private school as compulsory subject. This is one of the most important decisions of the provincial government of PTI and we appreciate the decision.

It is hoped that the provincial government will honor the teachers responsible for the education of Quran with special allowance just like that for doctors, as doctor take care of our health and these teachers will take care of our faith and as Muslims we believe that our faith is more important than our health.

We also hope the government of KPK will make every effort to appoint highly qualified teachers for this purpose in order to ensure right guidance to our children purely in true Islamic way in the light of the Holly Quran without touching any particular faith — Saeedullah Jan, (R) Professor , Kuragh, Chitral, 21 Jan 2017

6 thoughts on “Teaching Quran in schools, a commendable decision

  1. It should have been done since 14 August 1947. By now we would have been a more educated nation, less dependent and less exploited by different interpretations of the Holy Quran by mullahs and pseudo Arabic language experts.

  2. The decision of KPK government regarding inclusion of the Holy Quran as a subject in all the government and private institutions is highly appreciated by every walk of life. I remember that the subject of Islamiat contained Islamic teachings with reference to Quran and Sunnah was compulsory till 1963-64 when I left Chitral after Matriculation. I further recollect that one important Sura “Al-Imran” with translation was included in Secondary education. Subsequently, many a time, education policy was changed and Islamic teaching squared with changes under pressure of the anti Islamic forces.
    Here, I would like to refer to the Hujjat-ul-Wida cermon of the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in which the Holy Prophet said I am leaving the Holy Book Quran. If you follow the orders of Quran, you will be successful in the world and the day of judgement to come. And if you dishonor the Holy Quran, you will be disregarded everywhere. The event of Hujja-tul-Wida was also included in English. When I was teaching my students as a part time tuition, I could not control my passions.
    Today, our new generation is always engaged with mobile and net chatting. The religious scolars are therefore requested to come forward and put their potential efforts on changing the minds of our new generation. The school and college teachers should be qualified in Islamic teaching.

  3. This is a very great step. Now children can spend their valuable time and brain power learning Quran and Islamiat instead of wasting their time on useless subjects like science and mathematics. What we need in the 21st century to cope with modern day challenges is teach the kids to memorize Quran and Islamic history rather then filling their brain with impractical concepts of science, mathematics, computers etc. Once again, fantastic step.

    1. @Basit Ali, How do you say that learning the Holy Quran will drive away children from learning science and mathematics. These are two different things. You can’t say that because you are eating food you cannot drink water. Learning our Holy Quran is a blessing indeed and will enforce our brain and intellectual power for other worldly knowledge like science and maths. The only condition is that Quran should be taught to children by an educated teacher, not a bigot or a half baked mullah.

  4. Here is a crazy idea. How about they replace Islamiat with Khowar lessons or lessons about Chitral in schools. Seeing how pathetic the state of our language is, it would be a huge favor. Khowar is so diluted with Urdu, Persian, Arabic,and English words that even outsiders can understand what we are talking about. What’s the point of having our own language of we’re going to borrow from others? Every time i use a non-Khowar word in Khowar, which by the way happens a lot, my blood pressure goes up a little knowing that Khowar either lacks a rich vocabulary or much of it has been forgotten.

  5. The language does not matter particularly in the current scenario of multinational society. The question is how to deliver your point of view to others. The same is the issue between students and the teachers. We, the Chitralis have adopted a number of languages to coup up with the requirement and inadequacy of our own Khowar language. For example, Khowar is my maternal language. Urdu has learnt from school and English learnt from college. Whereas the society taught me Poshto and Punjabi. In my experience, it is somehow difficult to maintain the same language while conversation. As far as the teaching of Islamiat is concerned, the best medium of teaching is the national language “URDU” which is known and spoken everywhere in Pakistan. Therefore, our educational institutions should arrange/ manage and induct some qualified and trained teachers and Qari having knowledge of Arabic and Urdu to teach the subject of Islamiat to our students.

    It is a matter of great pleasure that in pursuance of KPK government announcement, the Punjab government has also announced ‘Islamiat’ as compulsory subject in secondary school education. Insha Allah, we will again see the Islamic culture in our life and living style as well

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