Teaching Islamic management sciences in Madaris

I am not an Islamic scholar, just a simple Muslim with little knowledge and poor English .

First of all I respect my friend’s idea to introduce commercial education in the Deeni madrasas either in global or local prospects but I am sorry for not totally agreeing with this idea due to following simple reasons:

1. The love of money is the root of all evil.

2. As a Muslim I need both physical and spiritual education for my life. Now I am living, tomorrow I may die. I love this world partially.

3. Pakistan is an ideological state and the Deeni madrasas have the greatest role in order to protect our ideological assets, since times.

4. In Pakistan as all over the world, each Muslim cast has a moral and legal rights to live according to the Islamic principals narrated by Quran and Sunna .

5. My life has many requirements such as physical existence, needs and wishes spiritual reformation and legal protection, so I cannot deny any one on of these.

6. If some is of the opinion on the basis of the theory of cause and effect that there is any thread from the Deeni madrasas to others, it may be someone’s psychological complexity if I or you are doing bad or persuaded for doing bad in our family it need not necessary mean that all our family members can be blamed for that.

7. You know in Pakistan even in Europe, the unemployment rate is increasing day by day. Highly educated persons with the highest academic degrees are wondering about jobless due to well known global crisis.

8. You know that Islam is the only religion which does not accept global trends on the basis of uncontrolled human wishes and aspirations. Islam is the religion of peace, ego and welfare for all humankind guaranteed by almighty Allah. By virtue of Islam we entered from cave life to modern civilized world, other wise it is said that the history repeats itself. Briefly Deeni madrasas in any form are the basic foundations for human values and the best reformative institutions for all mankind. So as a Muslim, we should be proud of them. God help all of us to be true Muslims -Ameen

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