Tampering with the clock

Once again the government is attempting to advance the clock in the name of daylight saving. The experiment has already been carried out twice in the past by earlier governments, only to be discontinued after creating mass confusion.

The concept of daylight saving may be relevant in countries located at high latitudes where the relative sunrise and sunset timings are far apart in summers and winters, but in Countries situated closer to the Equator like ours, we have ample daylight throughout the year. In fact, we spend most of our lives hiding from the sun. Just like we do not need to sunbathe to improve our tans, DST for us is also as unnecessary. If daylight saving concept were relevant in this region, India would have long adopted it.

What is required is simply the adjustment of office and commercial timings. The government should desist from creating frivolous issues. In this case it should not tamper with the clock, because apart from not serving any useful purpose it will usher in mass confusion with people mixing up their timings and contending ‘new time’ and ‘old time’ the whole day.

Unless the Govt wishes to engage the people in a new controversy and divert their attention from the real issues, advancing the clock shall serve no other purpose.

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