Taliban invite The Aga Khan to visit Afghanistan

CHITRAL: Unlike the previous tenure of the Taliban in mid 90’s, the current Taliban dispensation in Afghanistan has extended a friendly hand to to the Aga Khan Foundation operational in Afghanistan since four decades, in the field of social work.

According to the Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid, the Taliban deputy prime minister Abdul Salam Hanafi met with special envoy of The Aga Khan, Ali Akbar Pesnani, and discussed about AKDN ongoing projects in Afghanistan. He also requested the AKDN to set up a quality hospital in Afghanistan. The Afghan deputy prime minister said their government is taking steps to facilitate female education.

On this occasion the Afghan deputy prime minister also extended a formal invitation to H.H Prince Karim Aga Khan to visit Afghanistan. .. CN report, 07 Nov 2021.  Source

5 thoughts on “Taliban invite The Aga Khan to visit Afghanistan

  1. Thank you for the good news that AKDN will collaborate with Taliban to help rebuild Afghanistan again. Click on akdn.org to see it’s success stories both in Central Asia and Africa. I salute the leadership of AKDN. Please continue your good and fair practice of journalism
    Mary H

  2. This is great news. The Aga Khan and Ismaili communities around the globe wish to extend our hand
    to our Afghani brothers and sisters. When we view the situation in Afghanistan on our TVs in North America,
    we feel sorry to see the sad situation of poverty and human suffering.

    From our part, we try to donate funds to AKDN specifically earmarked to help our Muslim brothers in
    Afghanistan and our prayers are for Allah to help improve the lives of all Afghans and end their
    suffering- ameen.

  3. Sukran Lillah Walhamdu Lillah.
    We all people around the globe
    Are very happy with these wonderful
    News & sincerely hope and “Pray”
    May Allah the most Merciful grant every
    ones prayers of peace; prosperity of this beautiful Country it’s Cotizens.

  4. Inshallah, with positive attitude, selfless interest, unity and mostly Allah’s grace, we will see peace, progress and well being of all Afghani people.

  5. Salute to His Highness Prince Karim Agakhan for the excellent work His excellency is doing in the whole world.

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