Drones; The new scourge of technology

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Chitral: The latest reports about drones being used to target oil pipelines in UAE and Saudia should not be taken lightly. Only second to nuclear weapons, drones in the hands of terrorists whoever they be and wherever they be, is a new threat spectrum faced by the world.
The way technology is sprinting and getting out of hands and it’s potential for being used by terrorists should be a cause of genuine worry for the entire world. If ISIS, TTP, Al Badr, Boko Haram and the like can get their sophisticated weapons from out of thin air, drones falling into their hands cannot be ruled out too. The world must worry about such an eventuality and preempt it with all seriousness. .. CN report, 14 May 2019

Chitral DC office to have video link facility

Published on: 16/11/2017 | Comments: 1 comment 

CHITRAL: A videoconferencing system is being put in place in the office of the deputy commissioner here to spare heads of various government departments in Chitral from frequently travelling to Peshawar for official meetings.
?Confirming the development on Wednesday, Chitral Deputy Commissioner Irshad Sodhar told Dawn that in line with the directives of the chief secretary, arrangements had been made to provide the facility of videoconferencing in his office so that heads of government departments could be saved from travel to the provincial headquarters for meetings.

He said he had observed soon after his posting in Chitral two months ago that the heads of departments left for Peshawar every month making the meetings in the secretariat or directorate merely an excuse while their attendance there was not necessary at all.

Mr Sodhar said the video link would decrease the frequency of travel of the officers by 80 per cent and they would go there only when it was extremely necessary and unavoidable.

He said he had made it mandatory for the officers to seek permission from his office before leaving the station.

Officials in different government departments, however, confided to Dawn that the officers were still defying the orders of the DC and left the station stealthily, but they did rush back as early as possible to escape his wrath.

They said in the past the officers left the station two days earlier than the scheduled date of meeting and returned the next week as most of them were non-locals and visited their respective villages, and all this was done on government?s expense.

Published in Dawn, November 16th, 2017