One way to cure the extremist mindset

Published on: 05/09/2018 | Comments: 4 comments 

Chitral : These days there is a lot of awakening towards extremism and every country wants to get rid of it, including those which fostered it in the past. Here, It is not so much a change of heart as it is the realization that the ‘chicken have turned homeward to roost there.’

Now that the unacceptability of extremism has become common with all countries, as links have been established between extremism and terrorism, we should think of practical ways to change the radical and extremist mindset of those who bear it. One way to do so is to gather all hard line religious clerics and send them on international tours so that they see with their own eyes where the world has reached and where are they in relation to it.

The tours can be started with muslim countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey etc and then they can experience the western world as well. All religious clerics who are hardliners or have extreme views are not bad. There are some jewels among them but because of not having been exposed to the real world outside, they live in their own limited universe. If such religious leaders are transformed to accept the facts of the real world they can change the course of the mindset of youngsters who can become proud muslims serving humanity and world peace. .. CN report, 05 Aug 2018