Chitral bazar shops selling expired items with impunity

Published on: 30/11/2017 | Comments: 1 comment 

Chitral : Just like fake, forged and substandard items, Chitral bazars are also full of expired items whether they be medicines, grocery items or items of daily use with life expiry printed on their covers. The shopkeepers are clever enough to present a fresh item to any one whom they think understands or will check the dates while the majority of shoppers who are illiterate or careless are dished out the expired items.

Reason for this unscrupulous conduct by the traders is the absence of any moral check on them. Though the administration of late has conducted sporadic raids on shops and fined the defaulters, but such well intended but feeble attempts to check the sale of expired items by shopkeepers will never bear fruit. The medicine to this moral ailment is the religious sermons against such sin.

The district administration instead of checking an odd shop amongst the thousands would do better to ask the imams of mosques to dwell upon this issue in Juma prayer sermons and other pre/post prayer ‘darse’. The tableeghi jamaat can play an effective role by actively preaching against this evil. .. CN report, 30 Nov 2017