Taliban and an option for Afghan dispute

Published on: 17/09/2018 | Comments: 2 comments 

The occupation of Afghan throne by Sardar Daud and the ouster of Zahir Shah of Afghanistan had occurred in the middle of 70s but Daud was brutally eliminated within a few years by a pro communist clique headed by Noor Muhammad Taraki and Hafizulla Amin but their hold proved short lived and Mosco wanted to replace them by Babrak Karmal and then by Dr. Najeeb who controlled Afghanistan for a couple of years despite heavy bombardment by Russian gunship helicopters while USA had meanwhile entered the arena enjoying support of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Ours was a military dictator but Brezhneve was not a man to see into the long future of the political tug of war and the aftermath thereof as he was already stupefied but the US secret Agents had become over active to defeat the Russians. The strategy adopted by them was an ill conceived one so received a crushing blow but the US did not recall the causes of the defeat in Vietnam and Korea. They did not regard Taliban a trained force to carry on a prolonged war fare but they did . The NATO alliance was misled by the CIA and dragged into a war that least concerned them.

The current situation is that the north of the country is occupied by Taliban with a good many provinces in the mid and south of the country and kept by a network that is till undetected by NATO. There is no military solution to this prolonged battle except that US and her allies withdraw and vacate the Afghan land as early as possible but this is not acceptable to the US though all other allies insist on this point. The Taliban are getting trained day by day in fighting tactics, ambushing, use of sophisticated weapons and in a nut shell, get stronger day by day. This war is not ending on acceptable grounds and half of the new Afghan generation has been rendered cripples and this passion for revenge is getting higher and higher. There is now one solution to my mind that;

Afghanistan be divided into two states. One to be under Taliban where they shall introduce their ideal system and run their part of the country and the other half be under the pro Ashraf Ghani clique who will have their own constitution and for another 50 years this set up should work under UN sanctions and if conditions improve to a satisfactory level the merger of the two could be reconsidered or vice versa. The US intention to stay in Afghanistan is a misconception and will never be accepted either to the Pathans, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Hazaras or ethnic Turks, let other smaller groups who have always been against US designs. .. Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig, Chitral 16 Sep 2018