Teachers day celebrated in Chitral

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CHITRAL: To pay homage to teachers on their day, functions were held. In Chitral town. A ceremony was held at the Shaheed Osama Carreer Academy. Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral Naveed Ahmad was chief guest on the occasion while senior officials and academicians and students attended the function. Director of the Academy Fida ur Rehman was the conducting host. Speakers payed glowing tributes to the role of teachers in building the lives of their students. Deputy Commissioner appreciated the efforts of the Director in setting a good example of observing teachers day in a befitting manner. Two senior educationists Molai Jan and Zahida Khatoon were awarded lifetime achievement certificates on the occasion.

Similarly Teachers day was also celebrated at AKHSS Kuragh, participated by teachers and students of the institution. After speaking about the role and contribution of teachers in the development of a student, the students presented tribute to each and every teacher in poetry format. .. CN report, 06 Oct 2019


Longest day of the year; how does it occur?

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?21 June, marks the longest day every year in Pakistan with 15:06 hours of daylight. The sun will rise at 4:56 AM and will set?on 7:12 PM on this day.

Countries lying on the northern hemisphere of the globe will experience the longest day?of the year. This phenomenon is known as the summer solstice.

What is Summer Solstice?

It is known as the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. It takes place in June while in the southern hemisphere, it is known as winter solstice that happens usually in December for the North.

Unlike the summer solstice,?the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year.

The region below the equator, also known as the southern hemisphere, has its longest day in December which is usually 4 hours, 29 minutes, shorter than what we have here in the northern hemisphere.

Summer solstice can actually happen on June 20 or June 22, but that?s very rare. The next June 22 solstice is due in 2203, while the last one was in 1975.

Will the Day-hours be Shorter From Now On?

Yes, daylight hours will drop from today until December 21, after that they?ll start to get longer again till the next summer solstice.

So, from today the nights are going to become longer and days shorter.

Why Does it Occur?

Our Earth orbits around the sun on a tilted axis, which gets changed at an?angle slightly every single day. So between March and September, Earth?s northern hemisphere gets more exposure to direct sunlight over the course of a day. For rest of the year, the southern hemisphere gets more. It?s why we have seasons. So it occurs only because of earth?s tilt towards the sun, which hits its maximum at 23? 26?.

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Father’s day: A daughter’s tribute to her father

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Behind every strong and independent woman is her father. We often forget that a big part of empowerment and self-worth begins in childhood and is greatly influenced by our parents? decisions and the way they relate to us. There is no doubt of the influence fathers have in shaping their daughters? confidence in patriarchal societies such as that of Chitral, Pakistan. I was blessed to have a father who valued, loved, and trusted me as a beloved child, and treated me no differently than a son. This was a mode widely divergent from the norms of my culture. When most daughters were relegated to only household tasks such as cooking, crocheting, weaving sweaters, or tending to animals, my father Abdul Akbar (aka Chairman Lotkoh) decided to send his girls to the only available local school, which just so happened to be a boys-only school. He also encouraged us to pursue higher education and have ambitions and unwavering viewpoints of our own. He never shushed me or any of my siblings for speaking our minds, and both my parents taught us to always speak up for injustice. They also taught us never to hate anyone.

I thank my parents, especially my father, for raising me to be independent and strong. Even today at the ripe old age of 37 and a mother of two children, I remember how he valued my judgement when making important decisions while I was still very young. When I was only a teenager, he would often discuss with me his plans for traveling out of the country on business trips. Since my dad always treated me as an indispensable element in his life, jointly discussing dilemmas and creating solutions, he fashioned a child who became a problem solver instead of a complainer. Who else would do that other than a dedicated father who wants to raise a strong and independent daughter?

At the boys-only school, I was not taught home economic and aesthetics, which is probably why I chose a career in finance and real estate. Skills such as cleaning dishes, gardening, and cooking can be learned anytime in life, but it is essential that parents cultivate children early on to be happy, independent, strong, resilient individuals with the ability to solve their own problems. In this age of so much anxiety and depression, we need to provide our children with these vital characteristics. While cooking and household chores are crucial to maintaining our corporeal selves, these other abilities sustain our higher-level needs?our spiritual and mental well-being.

Despite my mom?s strong protests, my dad taught me and my female siblings how to use a gun for both sport and defense, when typically only sons were considered worthy to be trained in this sporty and defensive technique. He also taught me horseback riding when I was very young. My father?s trust and belief in me always made me feel powerful and gave me the self-esteem that was equal or more to any problem I would face.

Most importantly, he taught us how to value the good and ignore the bad in life. He is known for his humility and kindness and strived to instill that in his children as well. I will never forget him saying, ?Power with humility is very powerful, and without it is very harmful.?

It is primarily to my father?s credit that his children are happy and unafraid to discuss anything with their parents. This should be the model for all parents to follow. My parents? love and trust has created successful children with happy and fulfilling lives. In patriarchal societies, it is particularly noteworthy that my father has bestowed these same blessings on his female children, and I, for one, am eternally grateful. ..? Nighat Akbar Shah, 17 Jun 2018

Finally, the big day arrives; Chitralis eager to welcome The Aga Khan

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Chitral .. The grand occasion of the visit of their spiritual leader Prince Karim Aga Khan has finally arrived for the Ismaili community of Chitral which constitute about one third of the entire population of the district. Volunteers from the community have been working day and night for weeks on, to clean the area and upgrade roads and prepare two grand ‘deedar gahs’ (congregation areas) at Booni and Garam chashma, which will hold thousands of disciples of the Imam of the Ismailia community. Ismailis from all over Chitral with their women folk and children have converged on Booni and Garam Chashma the two venues where the Ag Khan would address his followers. The scathing cold has not deterred the faithful to brave the weather and catch a glimpse of their Imam.

Elsewhere in Chitral, the Sunni Muslims which is the only other sect up here have heartily welcomed the visit of the Aga Khan. Everyone from the MNA to the District Nazim to MPAs to political leaders have issued welcome statements on the occasion. The deputy Commissioner has ordered closure of educational institutions on the occasion to facilitate students wanting to join the congregation at Booni and Garam Chashma. .. CN report, 09 Dec 2017?